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Positive report from EXPOdetergo: marked by innovation

A few days have passed since the closing of the EXPOdetergo international. An event that attracted over 17 thousand people to Milan, of whom about 40% came from abroad.

Indemac was present in Milan with great enthusiasm: the desire was and still is to be part of the change by bringing our innovations in the field of machinery for industrial laundries and conveying the potential of the advanced solutions we propose to our customers.

Businessmen, managers of industrial and non-industrial laundries, general managers and retailers populated our booth, and great was our satisfaction in noting the interest and desire to learn more about our technology and services.

The opportunity to try and see Indemac machinery is definitely one aspect that ensures product knowledge at different levels for industry professionals.

Folding machines, ironers, stackers: Indemac machinery to see and try out

During EXPOdetergo, Indemac gave ample space for tests and operation demonstrations of its machinery and accessories for industrial laundries.
The purpose was to share all the opportunities that the right kind of machinery can bring within each industrial laundry business.

  • Increased ability to optimize item processing
  • Consistent and verifiable increase in productivity
  • Raising the quality level of the laundry work cycle.

What was really appreciated by those who came to visit us was the opportunity to receive advice: the hundreds of people who registered at the Indemac booth at EXPOdetergo were able to understand the potential of each machine on display and how to exploit it within their own laundry, whether industrial or integrated within hotels, swimming pools, and sport and wellness centres.

Forging important business relationships with national and international businessmen, professionals and brands within the laundry sector was a huge satisfaction for our entire team.

Positive balance for Indemac at EXPOdetergo, news on the horizon

Indemac’s positive experience at EXPOdetergo is certainly reason for further stimulation to do even better and share this growth path with those who choose Indemac for its reliability and the innovative technology of its machinery dedicated to industrial laundries.

The next appointment in Milan for EXPOdetergo will be in 4 years: Indemac is already at work to present other long-awaited novelties.

But you don’t have to wait that long to book a consultation with our experts: go to the contact section!


Indemac: EXPOdetergo International 2022 is about to begin!

Indemac’s entire team of experts is preparing for the big event!
From 21 to 24 October 2022 at Fiera Milano, we will expose our cutting-edge machinery at EXPOdetergo International 2022.

The four-year event, a leader in Europe and in the world in the sector of services for industrial laundries, this year aims to face the main challenges of the market: sustainability and green, ergonomics and digitalization, hygiene and sanitation.

Finally, we will meet at the first European fair after the reopening!
In a constantly changing world, we are preparing for the challenges of the future with Indemac machinery: cutting-edge, versatile, customisable and interconnected!

A unique opportunity, during which we will present updates, innovations, and the latest technological solutions dedicated to the reality of industrial laundries.

Machines that are one of a kind, the result of careful technological research and design by the entire Indemac team:

  • ILC, the super-compact all-in-one ironing and folding machine. The only machine for industrial laundries, available in all variants, able to be customised with any accessory;
  • FTI, the towel folding machine that maximizes the concept of “efficiency” with the chance to stack up to 4 stacks of folded and staked items;
  • IFO, an industrial folding machine for large and medium items, indispensable downstream of an ironing line!

We renew processes, optimise time and resources in the interconnected era to facilitate work and improve the quality of the result.

Are you curious to discover Indemac’s cutting-edge range of machinery?

Visit us at EXPOdetergo International 2022, discover our solutions and book a private consultation!


Look to the future for your accommodation facility: compact and efficient industrial laundry

Think big for your accommodation facility: whether you are the owner or manager of hotels, holiday villages, wellness centers and spas, or even cruises, it is time to embrace the future.

Improve hygiene and cleaning services for your customers, rely on Indemac to make the best strategic and innovative choice: install or update your industrial laundry integrated into the structure.

A concrete change for your business, for your employees, for your customers and, last but not least, for the environment!
In recent years, the attention paid to hygiene, sanitation and cleaning has increased significantly, you cannot be left behind, renew the processes and guarantee an excellent result every day.

Your guests must feel at home, they must not have the slightest doubt that the linen may be dirty. Perfectly clean items ensure an excellent first impression: tablecloths and napkins, bed sheets and pillow cases, but even more so, towels.

Let’s find out together the indispensable machinery to optimize and make the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility independent!

How making the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility independent

Cleanliness and order are the basis of hospitality: your guests seek relaxation and carefree days, put them at ease!
An industrial laundry inside the structure is the perfect solution to check and ensure the cleanliness of the linen.

Each stage of processing is important: from washing to folding, the items must meet high quality standards.

Look to the future for your industrial laundry - LA and ES

Washing and drying with LA and ES

Washing and sanitizing fabrics is the first step: the LA industrial washing machine is your number one ally!
It eliminates dirt and removes germs and bacteria efficiently: extremely compact, LA is equipped with advanced technology that allows significant savings in water and energy without affecting the quality of the result.
ES also allows you to reduce operating costs: an industrial dryer equipped with a system of humidity sensors that control the speed of the drum and allow the air to be reused.
Eliminating residual moisture is essential to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and prepare the garments for the next steps.

Ironing and folding with ILC and FTI

ILC is an indispensable machine, our flagship, the result of our technological research.
An all in one machine that in just 18 square meters allows you to iron, fold and stack even large linen. It can determine a real turning point in the production cycle: it is simple and intuitive to use, even by a single operator.

ILC is equipped with an ironing belt system that protects the fabrics from mechanical stress.
The quality of the items will not be affected by the ironing process and guests will be able to feel the softness of the fabrics.

To complete the processing cycle, ILC is also able to fold and stack the most bulky linen, such as tablecloths and bed sheets, but let’s not forget terry clothes!

FTI is the ideal solution, the fast and efficient towel folder, capable of recognizing and folding garments of different sizes: from small towels to bath towels. It is able to form up to 4 different stacks of folded items, one for each type.

Discover our machines at the EXPOdetergo2022

What better occasion than EXPOdetergo 2022 to see Indemac’s machinery in action!
We will present the latest innovations to the general public: all our machines are equipped with computerized systems, remote controls and intuitive technologies, in line with the requirements of 4.0 technologies.
The Indemac team works day after day to find solutions specifically designed to provide a high level of service: this is the ideal time to renovate the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility!

Come and visit us at EXPOdetergo International from 21 to 24 October and discover all our solutions!

lavanderia industriale


A well-organized industrial laundry can make a difference in terms of cost and performance.

To optimize the work, it is necessary to evaluate the spaces and arrange the machinery in an orderly and functional way.
Having a large room available is not always an advantage if you then create a dispersive work environment.

The flows of linen in industrial laundries are very tight, Indemac is well aware of this. To better manage all the processing phases, it is essential to create a work chain that saves time and energy.

Let’s find out how to best organize small and medium industrial laundries.

The indispensable machinery for every phase of work

In a large industrial laundry, it is good to clearly and orderly separate the areas dedicated to washing, drying, ironing and folding.

By creating a well-defined path, employees will save time and work will be more efficient: production will increase, while operating costs will decrease.

Our LA washing machines cannot be missing from the washing area: they ensure maximum performance, reducing water and energy consumption, without sacrificing the quality of the result.
For the most demanding laundries, LA, in its largest version, can reach a load capacity of between 120 and 133 kg.

Drying is then a fundamental step: the ES dryer prepares in the best way the linen for the next step of the ironing.
ES, with high energy efficiency, can process up to 83 kg of load. It is good to be equipped with the appropriate number of dryers, based on the amount of laundry, to immediately move the items from the washing phase to the drying phase.

For the ironing and folding phases, I, IL and ILC cannot be missing: our specialized staff will be able to indicate the best solutions to optimize workflows!

I is a self-drying ironer perfect for handling small, medium and large items. It can be equipped with 2 or 4 rear collectors that allow the collection of the smallest items: an excellent solution to facilitate the work of the operators and not create confusion.

IL, the ironer-folder, can be placed upstream of a further folding line or can also be used as a stand-alone machine. According to requirements, the folding function can be excluded.

Finally, ILC, the leading result of our technological research, is an indispensable machine for small and large laundries: it optimizes the entire operating cycle and improves the quality of the work.
ILC is an all-in-one machine that allows a single operator to insert, iron, fold and stack even large linen.
Wisely positioned even inside a industrial laundry, it can quickly dispose of items awaiting processing.

lavanderia industriale

Customized projects with Indemac

Our commitment to finding the best solutions for our customers is constant, which is why we offer a consultancy service: we want to know your real needs.
This phase is essential to understand how to structure the project. It is also possible to participate in the production process and see the machinery in action.

The design and customization phase can also be followed remotely, making changes in a short time.
The highly technological tools available to us, allow us to create realistic layouts of the plants, perfect for the working environments of industrial laundries and to customize individual machines if necessary.

We look forward to seing you at EXPOdetergo International 2022 to discover all our solutions.


When it comes to industrial laundries, the watchword is only one: organization. It is essential to better plan the activity to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
No matter how much space you have available, the goal is only one, to offer your customers impeccable and quality service.
Indemac takes care of the rest.

With over 25 years of experience, we design and build customized systems to support small-medium business in the challenges proposed by the market.

It is not necessary to have many machines, not all of them are essential to be able to offer a quality service, you need to choose carefully those with more functions to optimize space, perform more processes and maintain an orderly workplace.
This is why we at Indemac design small laundry spaces to be functional, with essential machinery to be able to better manage all stages of processing.
The ability to customize our products makes them adaptable to any reality, from the most complex to those with limited spaces.

If you want to improve the service you offer or start a small industrial laundry, Indemac is the right partner for you.

Let’s find together out how to best organize small industrial laundries.

Our proposals for industrial laundries in a small space

When there is little space available but the need to improve the performance of the industrial laundry, our team does not hold back: Indemac’s innovative solutions adapt to all needs.

For those who have limited space, our personal selection includes three indispensable machines: LA, ILC and FSI.

LA, industrial washer

LA is the industrial washing machine designed for savings and to optimize space and performance. It is a super centrifugal washing machine that allows significant savings in the subsequent drying and ironing steps.
With minimal size, it guarantees maximum performance.
It is designed to reduce energy consumption: saving water and energy is possible thanks to the combination of the latest technologies with the most advanced aesthetics.

ILC, ironer-folder all in one

ILC is our flagship. A unique all-in-one machine, the result of our continuous technological research.
The perfect solution to optimize processing and reduce costs, all in just 18 square meters.
ILC allows you to dry, iron, fold and stack flat linen in a perfect way and can be easily managed by a single operator, thus optimizing the speed of the entire flow.
ILC is the most complete machine in the range, indispensable for small industrial laundries.

FSI, folder for small items

FSI is another compact machine for optimizing processing.
It is the perfect proposal for restaurant activities and beyond: a folder for small items, versatile and fast.
Napkins, pillowcases or face towels, the folder can recognize the type of items to fold independently.
Based on the needs, we have also thought of a version dedicated exclusively to the folding of napkins: FSIS.

Tailored and turnkey solutions

Improving the efficiency of the production cycle, reducing management costs and reducing time is also possible for small laundries.
We will help you with turnkey solutions and without worries: we offer a service tailored to your needs, we follow you from design to installation, but not only.
We offer training and a specialized technical service to accompany you in the optimal management of your laundry.

According to your needs, our proposal will be personalized and we will be able to present the best selection of machinery and complementary accessories perfect for your business.
Few machines, but efficient and functional, together with the right accessories can really make the difference for a small business.

With Indemac it is possible to improve production efficiency, resource management and optimize consumption while minimizing costs.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for further information and personalized advice.
We will be happy to be by your side!

Indemac lavanderia per hotel


Managing the internal laundry service for hotels can make all the difference, in terms of costs and efficiency. Improving the performance of your hotel’s internal laundry or creating one is the best choice to ensure that the result is always optimal. Laundry care requires the utmost attention to offer guests a quality service. On the other hand, cleanliness and hygiene are fundamental parameters of a hotel’s judgement.

Indemac is the right choice for your hotel. Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we can offer high-quality services and customised solutions to optimise the washing, ironing and folding processes. This is why, with great pride, our company has been chosen for many realities in Italy and abroad, improving production efficiency, resource management, optimising consumption and minimising costs.
From design and construction to distribution and after-sales assistance, commitment and professionalism are always in the first place.

Let’s find out how to improve or renew your hotel laundry and how to improve its functionality!

Indemac’s proposals for integrating laundry into hotels

The inclusion of professional laundry in the hotel guarantees impeccable service and allows you to carry out a personal check.
It is an investment that will soon be repaid: in the hotel the amount of laundry to be washed is considerable, so it is good to plan efficiency in the best possible way, reducing costs and times.

In Indemac we always find innovative solutions for our customers, we offer unique machines that combine aesthetics and advanced technology, reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency.
Our selection of machinery designed specifically for hotels includes a series of proposals that can be customised according to the size of the plant and the average requirements of the items to be processed in the hotel.

ILC, all in one, compact in 18 square metres

ILC is an all-in-one ironing and folding machine and is the leading result of our technological research. In just 18 square metres it allows to insert, iron, fold and stack flat linen even of big dimensions and it can be easily managed by a single operator. It is specially designed to be easy to use and to preserve the fabrics from mechanical stress, obtaining impeccable ironing.

The machines of the ILC series are available in different sizes of roller diameter – from 500 mm up to 1000 mm – and are a valid and innovative alternative to the more classic industrial line composed of several machines.

Indemac industrial laundry for hotel

Essential machinery for hotel laundry

The ideal flow within a hotel laundry involves the minimum use of a high-speed industrial washing machine, a dryer for a quick drying cycle to reduce the residual humidity, an ironer capable of drying wet flat linen, ironing and folding it, and finally machinery and accessories designed specifically to meet all the needs of a hotel, especially for medium to large hotels.

FSI is a fast and versatile folding machine for smaller items: napkins and pillowcases. These are all items that are used in large quantities within a hotel and require the utmost accuracy in the final result. FSI can recognize the items to be folded and can be placed downstream of an ironer for semi-automatic operation. The FSIS version is specifically designed for napkin folding.

The FTI is designed and manufactured specifically for terry items: a towel-folder machine that can fold items of different sizes, from bidet towels to bath towels, using a system of suitably channelled air jets.

Indemac lavanderia per hotel

Customised solutions: why choose Indemac

Relying on Indemac means relying on builders with a passion: we design and manufacture high-quality machinery. But our task goes beyond selling, we offer ongoing assistance, training and comprehensive consulting to make sure we meet the real needs of the customer. Your hotel will have a laundry with personalised services.

Don’t worry if your facility is in Italy or abroad, we can design and customise machinery remotely, ensuring fast delivery times.
Our machinery will adapt to your hotel and will be the result of our teamwork and the culture of Made in Italy.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for a personalised quote or advice.
We will be happy to be by your side!

Indemac ILC

ILC: features and use strategies

The advancement of technology and technological innovation in every sector have led to the development of products with features that are close to the present and future needs of the users.
Indemac, as any other manufacturer, has a flagship, the machinery that perfectly embodies all the potential and functionality.
This is ILC: a single “all-in-one” product that allows you to dry, iron, fold and stack flat linen in a perfect way, while remaining extremely compact.

Let’s discover together what are the unique features of ILC and how to enhance its use.

ILC: functionality and compactness

The ILC in just 18 smq is the most compact machine in the range, thanks to its various features. In fact, it is able to feed, iron, fold and stack large flat linen using only one operator. In this way an optimal service can be achieved by reducing the use of specific employees.


  • In the feed phase of the item, for example, the operator is facilitated by the intake table, consisting of a series of perforated belts and two fans. In this way the linen remains perfectly still even in the following phases.
  • During the drying process, the machine is able to eliminate all the residual humidity.
  • The ironing phase is managed by a system of ironing belts adjusted in order to avoid mechanical stress to the fabrics. The ironing speed is also adjustable in order to be customized according to the work cycle.
  • The folding is carried out working on one or two lanes, varying the type of fold. The possibility of inserting this diversification allows you to switch from one type of linen to another, even of different sizes, in an easy way.
  • The system is fully customizable and allows you to choose the side and direction of the belt output of the stacker and the number of items to be stacked.
  • It is also possible to collect the linen at the rear, thanks to the collection table for ironed items, or to the rear 2-lane or 4-lane collector that allows the collection of small items (napkins and pillowcases) on the rear side of the machine.

Do you want to know the other functions of ILC? Find out more.

ILC: How to strengthen your business?

Once you discover its various functions and its versatility, it can be a turning point for your business both from the organizational point of view and in saving costs.
Our advice, in order to fully exploit the full potential of ILC, is the product customization, thanks to our consultants, the machine choosing from its wide range of accessories the most suitable for your needs and your business.
Thanks to the possibility of long distance design, we can follow you and create together the most performing laundry space for your reality.

In fact, in the design phase we take into account not only productivity, but also the operator who is the beating heart of the business and should have at his side a machine easy to use and great performance.
The ILC is ideal for the realization of a laundry inside the accommodation, tourist or sanitary facilities. It will be enough to define the workload of the laundry, customize the accessories and integrate the machinery as folder for small items or towel- folder as needed.

How can I best design my internal laundry with ILC? Read more