Look to the future for your accommodation facility: compact and efficient industrial laundry

Think big for your accommodation facility: whether you are the owner or manager of hotels, holiday villages, wellness centers and spas, or even cruises, it is time to embrace the future.

Improve hygiene and cleaning services for your customers, rely on Indemac to make the best strategic and innovative choice: install or update your industrial laundry integrated into the structure.

A concrete change for your business, for your employees, for your customers and, last but not least, for the environment!
In recent years, the attention paid to hygiene, sanitation and cleaning has increased significantly, you cannot be left behind, renew the processes and guarantee an excellent result every day.

Your guests must feel at home, they must not have the slightest doubt that the linen may be dirty. Perfectly clean items ensure an excellent first impression: tablecloths and napkins, bed sheets and pillow cases, but even more so, towels.

Let’s find out together the indispensable machinery to optimize and make the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility independent!

How making the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility independent

Cleanliness and order are the basis of hospitality: your guests seek relaxation and carefree days, put them at ease!
An industrial laundry inside the structure is the perfect solution to check and ensure the cleanliness of the linen.

Each stage of processing is important: from washing to folding, the items must meet high quality standards.

Look to the future for your industrial laundry - LA and ES

Washing and drying with LA and ES

Washing and sanitizing fabrics is the first step: the LA industrial washing machine is your number one ally!
It eliminates dirt and removes germs and bacteria efficiently: extremely compact, LA is equipped with advanced technology that allows significant savings in water and energy without affecting the quality of the result.
ES also allows you to reduce operating costs: an industrial dryer equipped with a system of humidity sensors that control the speed of the drum and allow the air to be reused.
Eliminating residual moisture is essential to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and prepare the garments for the next steps.

Ironing and folding with ILC and FTI

ILC is an indispensable machine, our flagship, the result of our technological research.
An all in one machine that in just 18 square meters allows you to iron, fold and stack even large linen. It can determine a real turning point in the production cycle: it is simple and intuitive to use, even by a single operator.

ILC is equipped with an ironing belt system that protects the fabrics from mechanical stress.
The quality of the items will not be affected by the ironing process and guests will be able to feel the softness of the fabrics.

To complete the processing cycle, ILC is also able to fold and stack the most bulky linen, such as tablecloths and bed sheets, but let’s not forget terry clothes!

FTI is the ideal solution, the fast and efficient towel folder, capable of recognizing and folding garments of different sizes: from small towels to bath towels. It is able to form up to 4 different stacks of folded items, one for each type.

Discover our machines at the EXPOdetergo2022

What better occasion than EXPOdetergo 2022 to see Indemac’s machinery in action!
We will present the latest innovations to the general public: all our machines are equipped with computerized systems, remote controls and intuitive technologies, in line with the requirements of 4.0 technologies.
The Indemac team works day after day to find solutions specifically designed to provide a high level of service: this is the ideal time to renovate the industrial laundry of your accommodation facility!

Come and visit us at EXPOdetergo International from 21 to 24 October and discover all our solutions!