lavanderia industriale


A well-organized industrial laundry can make a difference in terms of cost and performance.

To optimize the work, it is necessary to evaluate the spaces and arrange the machinery in an orderly and functional way.
Having a large room available is not always an advantage if you then create a dispersive work environment.

The flows of linen in industrial laundries are very tight, Indemac is well aware of this. To better manage all the processing phases, it is essential to create a work chain that saves time and energy.

Let’s find out how to best organize small and medium industrial laundries.

The indispensable machinery for every phase of work

In a large industrial laundry, it is good to clearly and orderly separate the areas dedicated to washing, drying, ironing and folding.

By creating a well-defined path, employees will save time and work will be more efficient: production will increase, while operating costs will decrease.

Our LA washing machines cannot be missing from the washing area: they ensure maximum performance, reducing water and energy consumption, without sacrificing the quality of the result.
For the most demanding laundries, LA, in its largest version, can reach a load capacity of between 120 and 133 kg.

Drying is then a fundamental step: the ES dryer prepares in the best way the linen for the next step of the ironing.
ES, with high energy efficiency, can process up to 83 kg of load. It is good to be equipped with the appropriate number of dryers, based on the amount of laundry, to immediately move the items from the washing phase to the drying phase.

For the ironing and folding phases, I, IL and ILC cannot be missing: our specialized staff will be able to indicate the best solutions to optimize workflows!

I is a self-drying ironer perfect for handling small, medium and large items. It can be equipped with 2 or 4 rear collectors that allow the collection of the smallest items: an excellent solution to facilitate the work of the operators and not create confusion.

IL, the ironer-folder, can be placed upstream of a further folding line or can also be used as a stand-alone machine. According to requirements, the folding function can be excluded.

Finally, ILC, the leading result of our technological research, is an indispensable machine for small and large laundries: it optimizes the entire operating cycle and improves the quality of the work.
ILC is an all-in-one machine that allows a single operator to insert, iron, fold and stack even large linen.
Wisely positioned even inside a industrial laundry, it can quickly dispose of items awaiting processing.

lavanderia industriale

Customized projects with Indemac

Our commitment to finding the best solutions for our customers is constant, which is why we offer a consultancy service: we want to know your real needs.
This phase is essential to understand how to structure the project. It is also possible to participate in the production process and see the machinery in action.

The design and customization phase can also be followed remotely, making changes in a short time.
The highly technological tools available to us, allow us to create realistic layouts of the plants, perfect for the working environments of industrial laundries and to customize individual machines if necessary.

We look forward to seing you at EXPOdetergo International 2022 to discover all our solutions.