Indemac is a company founded by the Palmarini brothers, Emanuele and Cesare.
Thanks to the considerable experience gained in the field, we are able to offer high-quality services, from the conception, design and construction of laundry machines to distribution and the after-sales service.

Our continuing commitment is to identify and develop the best innovative solutions to meet all the needs of our customers, offering competitive products with the option of creating custom machines and systems.

Our custom includes national and foreign distributors and laundry owners active in the fields of catering, accommodation/tourism, healthcare and sports facilities.

Flexibility and professionalism are our strengths.

Made in Piceno

The Italian peninsula is a land of excellenceand in its very center we can find the Piceno area, le Marche, with their hills and mountains very near Abruzzo where the company was founded and has continued to expand.

The Piceno area, in all its varieties that range from the splendid historical center of Ascoli Piceno to the bordering Abruzzo, offers geographical and cultural characteristicsthat have always created a mutual influence between the local companies and their potential innovation of the territory. The effect of all this is the guarantee of an industrial structure always respectful of the uniqueness and high customizationof the projects.

From a potential to an exponential development

Research and constant innovation have always been the basis of our ever-expanding business.

Over the years, the company has not only expanded its knowledge, but also the structure itself by implementing innovation in the technique and performance of its machinery, up to the international turning point.

The Made-in-Italy culture and know-how make our laundry machines unique in their technical innovations, functions and designing both in Italy and abroad.

Indemac in the world: an ever-growing reality.

Made-in-Italy all over the world is a landmark of excellence for the quality of products.

This is also for the industrial laundry sector, where our brand Indemac is a leader and an innovator. With great satisfaction, we have obtained over time the respect of our customers who have rewarded our commitment that begins with the idea and through the design and production leads to the distribution of Indemac products around the world.

Our presence in Italy and abroad is growing strongly. Nationally, our distribution network covers every corner of the Italian peninsula, and at an international level we have rapidly expanded in recent years reaching sales which account for 65% of our total annual turnover.

Inside the Project


We use high-technological instruments to develop our ideas and to turn them into unique machines.


We manage every phase of the entire production cycle.


All the components are assembled in compliance with strict quality standards.


We assembly the entire electrical system with attention to the smallest details.


We meticulously test all the functionalities to ensure the reliability of our products.


We design innovative solutions for your laundry.