Indemac for your internal laundry: easy-to-use, compact and zero risk

Every accommodation and hospitality, considering the dimension and the services they offer, is aware of making a choice whether to implement or not an internal laundry.
In order to stay competitive in offering high quality services, successful hotels push their investments towards the internalisation of this process.

Indemac, with over 25 years of experience, continues to sustain their choices through its machinery thanks to their focus on innovation and customization of the products.

Our company has attentive internal control in all the stages of the productive cycle, thus allowing us to manufacture products that are highly-customizable and to immediately increase the company’s production thanks to newly designed machinery.

The design of the laundry room and the composition of the materials were being determined based on the specific needs of each customer, offering the possibility of concluding the project even from a distance.


All these are essential and they represent our company’s philosophy to give each organization the possibility of offering a high quality service to its customers without having to increase the work effort.


Thanks to our outstanding experience gained in the field, we are able to offer high-quality services, starting from the idea, the design and construction of industrial laundry machines up to the distribution and the after-sales service.
Our constant commitment is to identify and implement the finest innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs by offering competitive products as well as the possibility to create customized machines and systems.
Our ideal customers are both national and international distributors and laundry companies active in catering, accommodation, healthcare and sport facilities sectors.

Flexibility and professionalism are our strengths.

Indemac's internal laundry around the world

Since 2010 we have been offering high quality services and thanks to our considerable expertise in the sector we are able to provide an all-round experience.

Integrating the laundry inside the company is the best possible choice, not only in Italy but also abroad, because it allows you to save in terms of costs by making only one initial investment.

Many companies have chosen to entrust our company with the implementation of their ironing and washing systems. The high possibility of customization, remote design and after-sales service were the foundation of this process.

Where we started?


When an Italian style and innovation can make a difference. The Italian peninsula is a land of excellence and in its very center we can find the Piceno area, Le Marche with their hills, and mountains very near Abruzzo where the company was founded and has continued to expand.
The Piceno area, in all its varieties that range from the splendid historical center of Ascoli Piceno to the bordering Abruzzo, offers geographical and cultural characteristics that have always created a mutual influence between the local companies and their potential innovation of the territory.
Exporting this innovative potential abroad has progressively become one of our main objectives.

Indemac around the world


Made-in-Italy all over the world is a landmark of excellence for the quality of products. This is also for the industrial laundry sector, where our brand Indemac is a leader and an innovator.
With great satisfaction, we have obtained over time the respect of our customers who have rewarded our commitment that begins with the idea and through the design and production leads to the distribution of Indemac products around the world.
Our presence in Italy and abroad is growing strongly. Nationally, our distribution network covers every corner of the Italian peninsula, and at an international level we have rapidly expanded in recent years reaching sales which account for 65% of our total annual turnover.

Discover the Indemac’s advantages abroad

The expansion of Indemac abroad took place naturally thanks to its product innovation and competitiveness. The following are the four advantages that would help you operate internationally.


Design Machinery

One of our strengths is certainly the customization of machinery to adapt them to customers’ needs thanks to a wide range of accessories. This is also because of the internal production cycle that allows changes in a short period of time and a continuous search for innovation.

Fast Delivery

Our delivery and implementation service makes us proud both in Italy and abroad. In fact our system is able to perform and respect delivery conditions in a short period of time regardless of the customer’s requests.

Training Service

Our machines are easily accessible by all operators and they allow you to work flexibly. Moreover, it is also possible to take advantage of taking training courses directly in the company or remotely to learn how to use them to their fullest potential.

Customizable Power Supply

Indemac also takes into account different types of energy supplies that can be applied based on the country in which the machinery is used. It is therefore possible to choose the most suitable type of power supply, from electric to gas, without sacrificing any other performance.

ILC: features, usage strategies and updates

If you already have an internal laundry in your accommodation or tourist facility and you have learned all the possible cost benefits of this service, it is necessary to constantly update your machinery to avoid losing your advantages.


Today’s ever-changing world needs products in every sector that are capable of adopting perfectly new technological solutions.

Each brand has its own flagship which is the product that is able to incorporate the maximum of its innovation and that fully applies all the values ​​of the company.
Therefore, the idea of creating an innovative ironing and folding service, the all-in-one-machine, has been developed thanks to its numerous features and allowing you to iron perfectly while remaining an extremely compact machine.

All these features are essential to make a machine “the best option”, but they must also be combined with highly competitive time processing.
We at Indemac know this well because just a few tenths of seconds are enough to make a difference!
For this reason, we are constantly studying innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency of operators and improve the quality of work, ensuring excellent performance in compliance with standards.

Let’s find out its characteristics together!

Internal design

Our constant research for continuous improvement, focusing not only on product innovations but also on service quality, has contributed to enrich our experience and to be able to design the best solution for your internal laundry.
The iron ILC is in fact the result of our consistent technological research on this category in order to come up with the most versatile and possible functional solution.
During the construction of the machine, we have tried to create a compact product with various customizable solutions.


In fact, the ILC series, placed in 18 sqm of space, is able to insert, iron, fold and stack even large linen, with the supervision of only one operator. Not only that, we have also introduced various automated functions to significantly reduce management costs related to production, thus managing to increase productivity rapidly.

In the design phase, we took into account not only the productivity, but also the operators who represent the center of our business and that should have at his or her side an easy-to-use and high-performance machinery.

ILC is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly touch-screen panel to be able to simplify the operation of the machine. Moreover, it also has an ergonomic introduction plan that facilitates the manual insertion of linen.


Each context has its own characteristics and specific necessities and this is the reason why during the design phase it is possible to choose based on the logistical and operational needs, the type of heating, the diameter of the ironing roller, the working width, type and position of the sheet stacker.

Customization and constant design improve the quality of working ability offering customers a high quality service without losing in terms of management costs.

ILC: how does it work inside an industrial laundry?

Let's find out what the ILC structure is and how it fits perfectly into any type of environment. An all-in-one compact machine to perform all the functions.


The insertion of the garment by the operators is facilitated by the feeding table which consists of a series of perforated belts and two fans.
Thanks to this suction, the laundry remains perfectly still and ready for the next procedures to improve the ironing quality.


Our all-in-one-machine can work on one or two lanes and allows you to set up to 2 longitudinal folds and 3 transverse folds, obtained by air blowing.
This versatility allows it to work with garments of different sizes, from stain covers, to tablecloths to bedsheets, guaranteeing the best result whatever the service sector of reference.


The machine has been designed to work best with high residual moisture linen. This feature is to satisfy customer needs and to continuously improve the service offered.


The system is fully customizable and allows you to choose the side and direction of the opening of the stacker belt and the number of items to be stacked. The accessories for the ILC series include both the lateral stacker and the compact lateral version. The lateral stacker version allows the stacking of folded and counter-folded items through a rotating shovel that overturns the items forming stacks, while with the compact lateral version, the stacking of items takes place with a retractable pneumatic mechanism.


The system of the ironing belts offers an excellent ironing quality and protects the fabrics from mechanical stress. The ironing speed is adjustable up to 18 m/min to be able to adapt it to your work cycle. It is also possible to have an automatic control of the ironing speed as the ironing temperature varies with the help of the ironing roller automatic cooling.


In addition to stacking, it is also possible to collect the laundry from the rear part of the machine, thanks to the table that collects ironed garments or to the two-lane and four-lane rear collector that allows the assortment of small items such as napkins and pillowcases on the posterior part of the machine.


Advantages and Possibility of Customization

Find out how a single machine can become the turning point of your business. Being able to manage the entire process with a single operator through the help of a machine is indeed one of its best advantages.

Why to choose ILC?

  • Lots of features
  • Wide range of accessories to choose from
  • Remarkable customization and design even from a distance
  • Reduction of working hours
  • Minimization of waste
  • Use of few personnel (only one operator can independently manage the whole process)
  • Compact (only 18 sqm)
  • Facilitating the automatic insertion of linen with the ergonomic worktop
  • Many dimension to choose from to select the most suitable one

Energy saving, innovation and technologies

The concept of energy saving is currently a term that is very controversial in some way, so it is important to contextualize it.


Among the various aspects that we evaluate, in the design phase, we also include this concept, not only for an economic issue but also for an environmental concern.

By choosing to manage the laundry internally, the first thing that emerges is that it is necessary to have a significant organization. However having a machine that allows it to be used by a single operator overcomes this limit. Furthermore, a machine that centralizes all the processing phases can lead to saving both in terms of energy and management costs.

New technologies and constant research have made it possible to develop ironing machines that do not lose performance while using less time and less energy.

Efficient machines need not only energy to function but also water for washing. Less use of water leads to cost savings that can be used in other functional improvements.

Each accommodation facility, depending on its characteristics, uses different types of power supply and for this reason our machines, based on specific needs, can be equipped with different types of power supply from electric to gas.

So how can choosing an internal laundry contribute to this energy saving?

Thanks to technologically advanced machinery that guarantees high performance by using less water and less energy.

  • Using the energy source that best suits your service.
  • By choosing compact machinery that allows you to replace an entire structure.
  • Selecting highly customizable machinery to avoid giving up anything.

Have you chosen to integrate an internal laundry into your business?

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