Industrial laundry: hygiene and safety first

The disinfection of surfaces and systems were some of the main measures to be taken to deal with this emergency that affects us all. In particular, in the textile sector and industrial laundries, the sanitation of linen has become a necessity.

Especially in hotel laundries, nursing homes and hospitals, this aspect is essential to ensure that all linen is handled correctly and to help create a safe environment.

Does your laundry process linen for these sectors?
You could focus on enhancing some services you already offer and find a way to integrate this aspect. Find out how.

How to ensure optimal disinfection and washing processes

Within the workflows of industrial laundry, there are several factors and circumstances to be taken into consideration for the washing and disinfection processes to be completed successfully.

The first point to highlight is the high volumes of linen that must be processed by the laundries for the hospitality and hospital sectors, always guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene and efficiency.

The design of the machinery and its arrangement are essential to establish a good workflow.

To begin with, the dirty laundry access points and the clean laundry exit doors should be separated to ensure maximum safety and almost zero risks of contamination.

Also, the work area should be divided into three main areas:

  • the sorting area for dirty linen,
  • the washing area,
  • the cleaned area: which includes drying, ironing and folding.

Drying and ironing are not just the final results of the process. These processes give the final contribution to the disinfection cycle started with the washing process.

Finally, it is important to set up a workflow that keeps the number of times a single item is moved to a minimum.

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The best Indemac solutions to guarantee efficiency and disinfection

How can we contribute to improving the processes of industrial laundries to ensure hygiene and safety so essential in this historical period?

The path we travelled with industrial laundry machinery was this: to develop and integrate the strengths in the products we already offer and to offer all our know-how to the sector to help our customers face today’s challenges.

We advocate the importance of good laundry practices to create a safe environment and offer a wide range of industrial laundry machinery and equipment, optimized to work with hospitals, clinics and all types of healthcare or hospitality facilities that meet standards and regulations stricter hygiene.

Our high-speed washing machine of the “LA” series has a load capacity ranging from 10 to 120 kg depending on the model chosen and thanks to the powerful spin cycle drastically reduces the residual moisture after the washing process and thus allows significant savings. in subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

Finally, do you know that for sanitization, one of the best industrial solutions is drying? High-temperature drying can kill viruses if used correctly.

Our dryer of the “ES” series stands out in the market for energy-saving and management costs reduction. Among the main factors to consider are:

  • the humidity sensor system which also includes the drum speed control, increasing the efficiency in the drying process,
  • the air recirculation, which reuses the air by improving the entire flow,
  • the complete thermal insulation of the machinery for better energy efficiency.

It is equipped with a programmable microprocessor with a display that shows the working temperature (and the programmed temperature), the remaining time, the need to clean the filters also allowing you to select the desired speed of rotation of the basket, the control of the statistics, the menu technical and alarms.

A product with a completely renewed aesthetic and technology that guarantees efficiency, practicality for the user and easy maintenance.

For a complete laundry?
There is the whole range of machinery that make up the industrial line and our ironing and folding machines that can also be used individually.

With the right machinery, you can offer the professional treatment of hospital linen, nursing homes and hospitality facilities that requires a reliable hygienic process.

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