All the potentiality of the ILC series: the machine that changes your life

What is the most important aspect of your business? The quality of the final result.

But also the quality of the time spent processing the linen is an element to consider, especially concerning the quantity of linen processed.

Few seconds are enough to make a difference!
The workplace, the machines and the operator’s working methods can positively or negatively affect the final result.

Indemac studies innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency of operators and improve the quality of work, ensuring excellent performance in compliance with standards.

Find out how only one machine can become the turning point of your business.

The leading result of our technological research is the “ILC” series.
Many features, a wide range of customization options and a wide range of accessories make it a machine that can transform the workflow within the industrial laundry by improving your working life.

  • Improve the quality of the result,
  • Optimize working times,
  • Reduces waste,
  • Avoid stops during processing.

Innovative and rich in features, in a space of only 18 sqm, feeds, dries, irons, folds and stacks linen, including large items, supervised by only one operator.

Discover all the features.


The vacuum feeding table consists of a set of perforated belts and two fans with the task of facilitating operators during the linen feed phase; through suction, the linen placed on the table remains stable considerably improving the feed quality and, as a consequence, the ironing result.
Thanks to the optional automatic feeder one only operator alone can feed very large linen items such as bedsheets. The dedicated clamps, suitably activated by the operator, can automatically place the linen item on the feed table.

To better meet customer needs and improve the service offered, we have focused our research on the optimization of compact and multifunction machines designed to work with linen with high residual wetness.

The ironing belts system ensures optimal ironing quality of the linen while protecting the fabrics from mechanical stress. The ironing speed is adjustable up to 18 m/min to adapt it to your work cycle.
It is also possible to have automatic control of the ironing speed as the ironing temperature changes, with automatic cooling of the ironing roll.

Our all-in-one-machine can work on one or two lanes and allows you to set up to 2 length folds and 3 cross folds, obtained by air jets.
This great versatility allows processing items of different sizes, from overlay tablecloths to tablecloths to bedsheets, guaranteeing an optimal result whatever the sector of reference.

Double pressing on length folds is highly recommended when linen with high specific weight or thickness such as blankets need to be folded. Two types of pressure can be set: low pressure for standard linen and high pressure for heavy linen.

The system is fully customizable and allows you to choose the side and direction of output of the stacker belt and the number of items to be stacked. The accessories for the ILC series include:
– the side stacker, that is used to stack folded and cross-folded items. Stacking takes place via a rotary blade that overturns the items creating stacks

– The compact side stacker in which the stacking of items takes place with a retractable pneumatic mechanism.

In addition to stacking, it is also possible to collect the laundry from the rear. The rear collection table is an accessory that allows the operator to easily collect the ironed items from the rear of the machine. The rear 2-line collector and the rear 4-line collector allows the collection of small items (napkins, pillowcases) from the rear of the machine. It consists of 2 operating lines that can work simultaneously.

Everything you are looking for in a single machine

Item as bed sheets, blankets and tablecloths of various sizes can be processed thanks to a single machine, improving the quality of your time and the result.

Do your main customers operate in the hospitality, healthcare, catering and wellness sectors?
Our ironers and folders offer speed, flexibility and high productivity on large, medium and small items. The linen will be handled with ease, precision and efficiency and processed with the utmost care and rationalization of processes.
Automated functions reduce management costs and increase productivity exponentially. Besides, a series of additional accessories always guarantee maximum efficiency, continuous assistance to avoid waste and damage and a high degree of customization.

Our compact and all-in-one machines are developed for companies that need innovative solutions in small dimensions with particular attention to energy saving.

If you think our machines can meet your needs, contact us.