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For over 10 years we have been manufacturers of industrial laundry machines conceived and designed to meet the different needs of each customer.

Our mission is to help industrial laundries and retailers in the sector: we offer high-efficiency solutions that optimize work and improve the performance of each activity.

Discover our proposals to grow your business.

Our range of products is characterized by innovative and customized solutions, with high aesthetic and functional quality finishes.

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Each machine has its function and intended use and can be used individually or within an industrial line.

Our calenders

Our compact and multifunctional machines are designed to work with wet laundry. Ideal for optimizing workflow and improving laundry performance.

indemac macchinari per lavanderie industriali

Series I – Self-drying ironer

Dries and irons flat linen of different sizes and allows excellent ironing while preserving fabrics from mechanical stress.
It can be equipped with an automatic feeder to allow a single operator to introduce very large items such as sheets.
Ideal to be placed upstream of a folding line, it can also be used as a stand-alone machine, according to your needs.

indemac macchinari per lavanderie industriali

Series IL – Ironer – folder

Iron, dry and fold lengthwise flat linen of different sizes, from stain covers to sheets.
Its strengths are functionality and flexibility. The plus: the ability to set work programs with customizable parameters.
It is the functional and flexible machinery that can make a difference in the industrial laundry workflow.

indemac macchinari per lavanderie industriali

ILC Series – All in one machine

The leading result of our research is the ILC series machine.
Innovative and rich in equipment, in just 18 square meters it allows you to insert, iron, fold and stack even large linen, even with a single operator!
The machine can be customized according to operational and logistical needs.
It is the ideal solution to optimize the entire operating cycle and improve the quality of processing.

Our compact and all-in-one machines are developed for companies that need innovative solutions in small dimensions with particular attention to energy saving.

Our proposal for the Industrial Line

Wide range of machinery with different functions to ensure quality work and optimize the work cycle. Innovative and specialized solutions for the various sectors of reference, with the possibility of customization and a wide selection of accessories available.

IFE Series – Feeder with vacuum table

It facilitates and speeds up the manual operation of inserting the linen.
It can be used both for small items (pillowcases and napkins), and medium items (stain covers and tablecloths) and large items (sheets). It increases the processing speed of the laundry by improving the quality of the result and the performance of the laundry.

IM Series – Chest ironer

Modular and customizable machine, the chest-type ironer is ideal for those laundries that need to iron large quantities of linen on an ironing line.

IFO Series – Industrial folding machine

The “IFO” series folder is designed and built to fold flat linen of different sizes, from stain covers to sheets.
Versatile and very useful machine, it is normally placed downstream of an ironing line and thanks to the optional accessories, the operator can customize the folding cycle according to different needs.

indemac macchinari per lavanderie industriali

FTI Series – Towel -folder

Small size and maximum efficiency: the “FTI” series folder is the ideal solution to fold terry items and similar products, even inside accommodation facilities, gyms, spas and similar activities.

Available with the “manual” or “automatic” garment selection function in which the machine will automatically form up to 3 different stacks of folded garments, one for each type.

FSI Series – Folder for small items

The “FSI” series folder is the ideal solution for folding small items such as napkins, pillowcases or face towels.
The machine can be manually fed by the operator or can be placed downstream of an ironer for semi-automatic operation.
The folder can recognize the type of garments to be folded and automatically select the appropriate folding program.

Our industrial line represents a complete and turnkey solution for industrial laundries in Italy and abroad! We address both national and foreign distributors and the owners of industrial laundries active in the catering, hospitality, health and sports sectors.

The indispensable machinery

Industrial laundry cannot exist without the machinery behind the entire process: Washing Machine and Dryer. Essential and efficient machines, highly customizable for a turnkey service and to meet different needs.

LA Series – Washing Machine

The high-speed washing machine combines advanced aesthetics and technology to reduce the use of water and chemical additives and ensure a significant increase in energy efficiency.

This simple and quick to install machine guarantees minimum space and maximum performance. Highly efficient, it allows significant savings in subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

indemac macchinari per lavanderie industriali

ES Series – Dryer

It stands out on the market for energy savings and management costs reduction. With a completely renewed aesthetic, it guarantees practicality of use and easy maintenance.

The dryer is equipped with a humidity sensor system capable of increasing the efficiency of the drying process.

We realized tailor-made projects that include the construction of systems, work environments and individual machinery with a high level of customization. Guaranteed assistance, spare parts supply, training and installation are some of the main services offered.


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