Indemac: make a beginning for your turnkey laundry

Are you planning to start an industrial laundry or do you want to improve the performance of an existing business? Have you noticed that the time has come to better respond to your customers’ needs? Do you want to improve the service you offer or increase the range of proposals to keep up with the changes required by the market?

Indemac is the right partner for you. With its years of experience behind it, Indemac today offers high-quality services in the field of machinery for industrial laundries: from conception, design and construction, to distribution and after-sales assistance always guided by flexibility and professionalism.

A tailored offer for your customers

To give a better service ask yourself what is the main sector in which the customers of your laundry work: try to respond with an offer that is close to their needs. Are they mostly accommodation facilities or are they restaurants? Do they work in the wellness sector?
If you already have an accurate picture, you are well on your way to understanding how to improve your laundry business.

Knowing the needs of your customers allows you to understand the necessary services to offer and thus increase the attractiveness of your company!

Offer a designed innovative service to your customers, a value that will be more recognized and appreciated.

How do we work at Indemac?

Our continuing commitment is to identify and develop the best innovative solutions to meet all the needs of our customers, offering competitive products with the option of creating custom machines and systems. Flexibility and professionalism are our strengths.

We are constantly seeking methods and solutions to create innovative products and services.

We use high-technological instruments to develop our ideas and to turn them into unique machines.

We manage every phase of the entire production cycle.

All the components are assembled in compliance with strict quality standards.

We assembly the entire electrical system with attention to the smallest details.

We meticulously test all the functionalities to ensure the reliability of our products.

Starting the industrial laundry: what makes us an ideal partner?

We supply complete software and hardware configurations for laundry machines and systems.

We offer you the most proper solutions for your needs, this is the reason why knowledge is very important. You will have the chance to visit our production plant and try the machines functioning.

We analyze the feasibility of the personalized projects, improving, also through realistic layout, a realization of the plants, of the working environments and the single customised machines.

The after-sales service is our strength. We aim to support the customers in the maintenance and the technical knowledge of the machines by phone, remote service or on-site.

Specific spare parts kits can be supplied as optional with the delivery of the machines. Besides, we ensure the shipping of the spare parts in a short time in any area.

Each machine has its function. This is the reason why we promote technical training courses (periodic or on request) to our customers and dealers.

We are by your side, fold after fold!
Super-technological products equipped with innovative systems that make your industrial laundry more flexible and efficient. We don’t stop at the sale: we offer you continuous assistance, initial and during-use training, comprehensive advice to provide you with all the useful information to enhance your laundry and complete customization of services.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for a personalized quote or advice.
We will be happy to be by your side!