Focus On: improve the quality of ironing

Industrial laundries have different needs.
Indemac is committed to understanding which solution to propose to its customers to satisfy concrete and pressing requests.

The goal is to offer machines that increase and improve the performance of laundries that use the Indemac brand. And to provide advice and coaching over time to share a path of growth and work optimization.

How can an industrial laundry be competitive on the market and always offer an impeccable service?

  • Maintain high quality of service as the main one of ironing.
  • Improve performance concerning processing times.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Choose the machinery that suits your needs but that allows you to support more important workflows immediately given future investments to increase production.

This is one of the possible scenarios, which we at Indemac know well because we have experienced it many times.
This is why we present the success story of a laundry customer of ours who was able to experience a positive change for their business starting from a specific need.

Improve ironing, improve industrial laundry turnover

A small entrepreneurial reality with an employee in the beautiful Liguria, in Vezzano Ligure, in the province of La Spezia.
A customer with whom we have a long acquaintance: the DEMI snc industrial laundry of Manna Emilio & Viti Deborah.
DEMI addresses its services to accommodation, catering and military organizations.
The need he expressed was to improve the quality of the ironing of the garments that were entrusted to the laundry and as a solution to meet this need he decided to purchase an Indemac product: the ILC ironer.

This product is the flagship of our technological research: feeding, ironing, folding and stacking large linen is not a problem for this machine that occupies only 18 square meters.

One of its characteristics is that the work cycle can be controlled by a single operator and is, therefore, the perfect solution for entrepreneurial realities that have little space available and have limited staff availability. But this does not mean that they want to give up on excellent quality service.

Furthermore, innovative and automated equipment can reduce operating costs and at the same time significantly increase productivity.

So it was for DEMI which, after the purchase of the ILC, experienced:

  • an increase in its performance,
  • a reduction in costs,
  • the improvement of production times.

Over just 2 years, production times have improved by 30% and this has had a positive cascade effect for the laundry as it has been able to increase the workload.
The result of this virtuous circle was a 10% increase in turnover in the first year of use of the Indemac machinery. Turnover doubled in the second year.


Our satisfaction goes hand in hand with that of our customers. Knowing that DEMI considers us a reliable partner and always ready to solve the problems makes us proud and always pushes us to improve. In the same way that our machinery do with the performance of our customers’ industrial laundries.

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