Advanced industrial line

Indemac is on your side to design and build an advanced industrial line

For over 10 years we have offered customized solutions for industrial laundries in Italy and abroad.

Regardless of the size of the space available, we design and manufacture customized systems, equipment and machines for washing, drying, ironing and folding for any industrial laundry, based on production needs.

A consulting period precedes the development of a tailor-made solution, to improve the results of industrial laundry in terms of production efficiency, to improve resource management and optimize consumption, to achieve greater profitability and minimize costs.

How industrial laundry works and how Indemac can meet your needs

Come funziona la lavanderia industriale e come Indemac può rispondere alle tue esigenze

Do you want to start an industrial laundry or want to improve the performance of an existing business? Ask for our advice to design or optimize the industrial plant!

In order to guarantee maximum safety and almost zero risks of contamination, the first thing to consider is the definition of the dirty laundry access points and the clean laundry exit ports, keeping them separated.

The sorting area for dirty linen

Dirty linen must be quantified and sorted by type in the appropriate “acceptance” department. Later, it can be sorted into subsequent washing, drying, ironing and folding departments.

The washing area

The laundry, already divided by type, is automatically weighed and fed into the washing machines.

The high spin washers, such as the “LA” series machine, reduce the residual humidity after the washing process thus resulting in significant savings in the subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

Industrial line

The clean area

The washed and dehydrated laundry, thanks to the spin cycle, is then introduced into the dryers.

The “ES” series dryer stands out in the market due to the energy-saving and management costs reduction.
It is equipped with a system of humidity sensors that, in addition to the standard features of these systems, also include control of the drum speed according to the degree of humidity, increasing the efficiency in the drying process. Also important in terms of energy efficiency is recirculation of the air, which reuses the air and improves its flow, combined with complete thermal insulation of the machine.

We then move on to the ironing lines, consisting of feeders, ironers and folders machines.

Do you expect a large daily bedsheet production?

The “IFE” series feeder facilitates and speeds up the manual operation of inserting the linen.
It can be used both for small items (pillowcases and napkins) and for medium items (table overlays and tablecloths) and finally for large items (bedsheets).

Then, the chest-type ironer is ideal for those laundries that need to iron large quantities of linen on an ironing line. It can be supplied with rollers of 1000 or 1200 mm diameter and the number of rolls can vary from 1 to 3.

A folding machine is positioned downstream of the ironing machine.

There are different types of bending machines based on:

  • the type of flat linen to be folded
  • the type of folds to be made
  • the preponderance of the type of flat linen to be treated.

Indemac offers a range of solutions to meet the different needs of industrial laundries.

Finally, a stacker is placed at the output of the folder, which stacks in an orderly manner a predetermined number of items.

Do you already follow this flow or do you think it can meet your needs? Contact us without obligation to request more information.

We are by your side at every step, to always improve

Each industrial plant is unique in its way, which is why one of our strengths is to offer our many years of experience in the sector in the design of systems and equipment that can meet the needs of your industrial laundry.

When the industrial laundry is inserted within a structure, whether it be hospitality, health or sports, the flow and quantities of processed laundry are easily identifiable. Standardized management can help optimize performance, ensuring high-quality standards at every stage of the process.

If the industrial laundry is independent, the quantity and type of incoming linen may vary based on the final customers and seasonal workload. When it is not possible to standardize the flow, it is necessary to differentiate the offer of machinery and services to ensure maximum flexibility and be able to manage unexpected events.

Siamo al tuo fianco

Thanks to our constant technological research, we have conceived, designed and produced a complete line of equipment that guarantees great high-quality workmanship: all machines have customizable functions and accessories and provide innovative technologies to facilitate and speed up work, thus improving the quality of life of workers and customers.

We work alongside industrial laundries, from the conception, design and construction of plants and machinery, to distribution and after-sales assistance. We offer initial training and we are on your side even during the use of the machinery, with comprehensive advice full of all the useful information to enhance your laundry and provide complete customization of services.

The ability to respond efficiently and with a commitment to customer needs is our first goal, always guided by flexibility and professionalism.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for further information and personalized advice.