Precision and speed for the internal laundry of your accomodation facility

Indemac strives every day to find the best solutions: efficiency, innovation and reliability distinguish us.
We do not leave any detail to chance, we create professional machinery for each stage of processing, from washing to folding and ironing.

We can help you take care of and present table linen in the best possible way: the restaurant of your accommodation facility will always be ready to welcome new guests!
Indemac’s team of experts has specifically studied the needs encountered in the hospitality and catering fields.
We know how important it is to always have ready-to-use tablecloths and napkins available, in this way the waiters will save precious time and, above all, customers will be welcomed in a clean and well-kept environment.

The secret to creating an unique and original atmosphere in the restaurant area is taking care of every little detail: customers will fall in love with the details.
From the furniture to the lights, even the table setting and table linen must not be outdone.

After washing and drying the textiles respectfully, tablecloths and napkins must be perfectly ironed and folded, the first impression is the most important!

Let’s find out together the characteristics of the machinery that can optimize the processes of the internal laundry of your accomodation facility!

Industrial laundry integrated in the accomodation facility: the indispensable machinery

In the tourism-ospitality sector, having an internal industrial laundry is certainly a great advantage.
Managing the processes in first person allows you to significantly save on costs, being sure about the quality of the result.
Certainly organizing the spaces available and choosing the right machinery can make the difference.

LA, industrial washer

LA is the washing machine that cannot be missing in your facility: designed to optimize space and performance.
LA will allow you to better manage the load and the washing cycle through its touch screen control panel.

Saving water and energy is significant thanks to the combination of advanced aesthetics and the latest technologies: the super centrifuge will save you money in the subsequent drying and ironing steps.

lavatrice industriale indemac

ILC, ironer-folder all in one

ILC is the “all-in-one” machine that allows you to dry, iron, fold and stack flat linen in a perfect way.

The most compact version of ILC has a 500 mm roller for an ironing width of 2600 mm: the ideal size for tablecloths.
ILC irons textiles preserving them from mechanical stress and can be easily managed by a single operator thanks to the user-friendly touch screen panel.

ILC optimizes and speeds up the entire production cycle and can be customized according to the specific needs of the facility.

FSI, versatile and fast folder

FSI is a folder for small items that saves time without sacrificing quality: napkins, pillowcases and face towels will always be ready for your guests to use.
FSI can be easily managed by a single operator or it can be positioned downstream of an ironer for semi-automatic operation.

We at Indemac are builders and our passion leads us to improve ourselves every day to meet customer needs.
This is why we have created a version of FSI exclusively to meet the needs in the catering sector: FSIS, the folder designed specifically for napkins!

For the internal laundry of an accommodation facility, that also works in the catering sector, FSIS is a must-have machine: napkins that can be processed per hour reach up to 1200! The optimal solution to save time and to manage resources in the best way.

Indemac is always by your side

Nowadays, presenting table linen flawlessly can make the difference.
Tablecloths and napkins must necessarily be washed and sanitized to thoroughly eliminate microorganisms and offer your guests a well-deserved welcome.
The presentation must not be outdone, especially for the napkins, an item that the guest will use at the table.

Treating even the smallest and most delicate items with the right machinery not only allows you to protect the textiles, save time and have a perfect final result, but it is also the best choice for the environment.
Choosing to wash, dry, iron and fold linen in an industrial laundry integrated into the structure is an ethical choice: your business will have a lower impact on waste disposal, eliminating completely the use of disposable pieces of paper or plastic.

According to your needs, our team is able to customize the machines, all equipped with remote assistance.
Thanks to a simple connection you will always have the support of specialized technicians who will be able to control the setting remotely.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for further information and personalized advice.