Do you want to implement your industrial laundry, your ironing and washing systems? Indemac is always by your side.

We have been designing and manufacturing machinery for industrial laundries for 25 years, exporting our products to all continents and offering quality and cutting-edge services.
We personally follow each customer, listening to their specific needs and personalizing their requests: the design phase can also take place remotely, allowing for rapid changes.

Our team is highly specialized, so we can help you and accompany you in the 4.0 transition: Indemac will take care of selecting the complete technological solution that best suits your reality and complies with the requirements of Industry 4.0.
You can rely on us and enjoy the significant tax benefits deriving from the purchase investment.
Our solutions are turnkey and worry-free.

As for the machinery, the required characteristics of Industry 4.0 concern their operation: they must be controlled by computerized systems and the devices must be ergonomic and improve workplace safety.

The man-machine interface must be simple and intuitive, just like our machines: they have customizable functions and accessories and include innovative and intuitive technologies to facilitate and speed up work, thus improving the work of the operators.

The interconnection system has recently evolved, and this makes it possible to interface the machines set up with the management systems to create a reality of Industry 4.0.
Even after the purchase, we continue to support those who have relied on us: for many years our machines have been equipped with a remote connection system with the company in order to be able to support customers for any setting or update need.

At Indemac we always find innovative solutions for our customers, we offer unique machines that combine advanced aesthetics and technology.

If you want to know more about the requirements of Industry 4.0 and are interested in our machinery, contact us with no obligation .