EXPOdetergo International: the first step towards your new industrial laundry

Indemac is a reality made up not only of solutions but of manufacturers

Every day we strive to create updated solutions that allow us to always be close to the needs of the industrial laundries market.

During ExpoDetergo our experts will listen to your needs and we will be able to design together your new industrial laundry, structured with the best possible solutions.

Book your free consultation to find out how to make your workflow easier and what it means to own versatile, interconnected and truly customizable machinery.

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Together we can structure a laundry tailored to your needs.

Indemac EXPOdetergo 2022 Prodotti

Our machines are designed for all types of industrial structures from the most extensive to the less spacious ones. Our solutions are innovative and customized, with high quality, aesthetic and functional finishes.

Discover the wide range of our products: washing machines, ironers, feeders, sponge folders, folders and industrial dryers. Thanks to our exclusive advice you will be able to discover which of our products suits your needs best. Welcome this moment of change with us.

During EXPOdetergo you will admire

In our stand you will be able to see and test a selection of our machines, here is a small preview exclusively for you.

ILC expodetergo 2022

ILC – (All- in-one Machine)

In just 18 square meters, even with the use of a single operator, it is possible to insert, dry, iron, fold and stack even large linen. The optimal solution to improve the entire production cycle in a short time.

IFO expodetergo 2022

IFO – Industrial folder

Designed and built to fold flat linen of different sizes, from stain covers to sheets. It is located downstream of an ironing line, equipped with optional accessories that allow its complete customization.

FTI expodetergo 2022

FTI – Towel folder

The ideal folder for terry items and such. It is able to fold items of different sizes from small service towels to bath towels. Available with both manual and automatic folding.

Investing in a better future is essential but like every change it comes with its questions But why miss the opportunity to touch the evolution of industrial laundry machinery and have a strategic comparison to find the best possible solution together?

The evolution of technology and interconnection has always been part of man and nature and now you can also find it in our machines.

Innovation and interconnection meet in your industrial laundry

Every day our experts and designers search for the best dedicated and customized solution for each reality.



Research and innovation have always been an integral part of our philosophy. Now more than ever we face the transformations of the market ready to give you more and more efficient machinery.
Our innovation assembly line starts from our culture and made in Italy know-how to then achieve high levels of our adaptability and flexibility in welcoming news and changes.



The real modern challenge is no longer played only on the precision and advancement of the technique of your industrial laundry, but also on the ability of the machines to “communicate” with each other. An interconnected reality makes it possible to reduce waste, to intervene promptly and to engage the operator less and less, also facilitating his tasks. Thanks to our interconnection systems you will be able to experience all this in your reality.

Tell us your idea and together we will create your industrial laundry.

Our experts are ready to welcome you to our stand to explore the world of Indemac and the power, efficiency and innovation of its machinery together.


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