Indemac ILC

ILC: features and use strategies

The advancement of technology and technological innovation in every sector have led to the development of products with features that are close to the present and future needs of the users.
Indemac, as any other manufacturer, has a flagship, the machinery that perfectly embodies all the potential and functionality.
This is ILC: a single “all-in-one” product that allows you to dry, iron, fold and stack flat linen in a perfect way, while remaining extremely compact.

Let’s discover together what are the unique features of ILC and how to enhance its use.

ILC: functionality and compactness

The ILC in just 18 smq is the most compact machine in the range, thanks to its various features. In fact, it is able to feed, iron, fold and stack large flat linen using only one operator. In this way an optimal service can be achieved by reducing the use of specific employees.


  • In the feed phase of the item, for example, the operator is facilitated by the intake table, consisting of a series of perforated belts and two fans. In this way the linen remains perfectly still even in the following phases.
  • During the drying process, the machine is able to eliminate all the residual humidity.
  • The ironing phase is managed by a system of ironing belts adjusted in order to avoid mechanical stress to the fabrics. The ironing speed is also adjustable in order to be customized according to the work cycle.
  • The folding is carried out working on one or two lanes, varying the type of fold. The possibility of inserting this diversification allows you to switch from one type of linen to another, even of different sizes, in an easy way.
  • The system is fully customizable and allows you to choose the side and direction of the belt output of the stacker and the number of items to be stacked.
  • It is also possible to collect the linen at the rear, thanks to the collection table for ironed items, or to the rear 2-lane or 4-lane collector that allows the collection of small items (napkins and pillowcases) on the rear side of the machine.

Do you want to know the other functions of ILC? Find out more.

ILC: How to strengthen your business?

Once you discover its various functions and its versatility, it can be a turning point for your business both from the organizational point of view and in saving costs.
Our advice, in order to fully exploit the full potential of ILC, is the product customization, thanks to our consultants, the machine choosing from its wide range of accessories the most suitable for your needs and your business.
Thanks to the possibility of long distance design, we can follow you and create together the most performing laundry space for your reality.

In fact, in the design phase we take into account not only productivity, but also the operator who is the beating heart of the business and should have at his side a machine easy to use and great performance.
The ILC is ideal for the realization of a laundry inside the accommodation, tourist or sanitary facilities. It will be enough to define the workload of the laundry, customize the accessories and integrate the machinery as folder for small items or towel- folder as needed.

How can I best design my internal laundry with ILC? Read more

Indemac Laundry Around the World

Our laundry machines represent our 25 years of experience and, therefore, it was evident and natural to expand the export internationally reaching all the foreign markets.

We have witnessed, not only in Italy but also abroad, that implementing the internal laundry service has become conventional in accommodation and tourist facilities. The advantages of this service are undeniably multiple and the number one on the list is the cost savings.

To our great satisfaction, most companies both in Italy and abroad, have chosen us for the implementation of their industrial ironing and washing system.

Let’s find out together the advantages we can offer for your laundry industry in Italy and abroad!

The Made-in-Italy Industrial Laundry around the world

The Made-in-Italy has been undeniably recognized all over the world for years. This is also for the industrial laundry sector where our brand Indemac is a leader and an innovator, synonyms for reliability, elegance and quality.

Nationally, our distribution network covers every corner of the Italian peninsula, and at an international level we have rapidly expanded in recent years reaching sales which account for 65% of our total annual turnover.

Would you like to find out which Indemac machine is best for your needs? Discover our services.

What are the advantages of Indemac abroad?

Indemac offers multiple advantages on the creation and design of industrial internal laundries for accommodation and tourist facilities and here below are the most appreciated internationally.

Remote Design and Customization

Both in Italy and abroad, one of our greatest strengths is indeed the customization of our machines.

Thanks to our fundamental features such as the remote customization and a wide range of accessories, our products can perfectly adapt according to customer’s needs. This is thanks to an internal production cycle that allows us to make changes in a short period of time.

We attentively export our services internationally. We analyze the feasibility of customized projects by improving the development of systems through realistic layouts, the arrangement of work environments and the structure of each customized machinery.

Power Supply

Each country has a different approach of using an energy source based on its supply needs.
Indemac takes this into account and it is therefore possible to choose the most suitable type of power supply, from electric to gas, without sacrificing any other performances. Besides all of this, of course, with the consideration of the importance of energy saving.

Delivery time

Defines in just one word: Rapidity.
Our delivery service and implementation makes us proud both in Italy and abroad. In fact our system is able to perform delivery conditions in a short period of time regardless of the customer’s requests.

Training Service

We define our machines “easy-to-use” because thanks to research and innovation, it has been easy for us to reach this goal. Despite this, we believe in the importance of training and workshops. For this reason, it is possible to take available training courses mostly to learn how to make the most of all the possible functions and the fullest potential of the machine.

Would you like to find out more about our products and the advantages for foreign countries?
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Indemac: make a beginning for your turnkey laundry

Are you planning to start an industrial laundry or do you want to improve the performance of an existing business? Have you noticed that the time has come to better respond to your customers’ needs? Do you want to improve the service you offer or increase the range of proposals to keep up with the changes required by the market?

Indemac is the right partner for you. With its years of experience behind it, Indemac today offers high-quality services in the field of machinery for industrial laundries: from conception, design and construction, to distribution and after-sales assistance always guided by flexibility and professionalism.

A tailored offer for your customers

To give a better service ask yourself what is the main sector in which the customers of your laundry work: try to respond with an offer that is close to their needs. Are they mostly accommodation facilities or are they restaurants? Do they work in the wellness sector?
If you already have an accurate picture, you are well on your way to understanding how to improve your laundry business.

Knowing the needs of your customers allows you to understand the necessary services to offer and thus increase the attractiveness of your company!

Offer a designed innovative service to your customers, a value that will be more recognized and appreciated.

How do we work at Indemac?

Our continuing commitment is to identify and develop the best innovative solutions to meet all the needs of our customers, offering competitive products with the option of creating custom machines and systems. Flexibility and professionalism are our strengths.

We are constantly seeking methods and solutions to create innovative products and services.

We use high-technological instruments to develop our ideas and to turn them into unique machines.

We manage every phase of the entire production cycle.

All the components are assembled in compliance with strict quality standards.

We assembly the entire electrical system with attention to the smallest details.

We meticulously test all the functionalities to ensure the reliability of our products.

Starting the industrial laundry: what makes us an ideal partner?

We supply complete software and hardware configurations for laundry machines and systems.

We offer you the most proper solutions for your needs, this is the reason why knowledge is very important. You will have the chance to visit our production plant and try the machines functioning.

We analyze the feasibility of the personalized projects, improving, also through realistic layout, a realization of the plants, of the working environments and the single customised machines.

The after-sales service is our strength. We aim to support the customers in the maintenance and the technical knowledge of the machines by phone, remote service or on-site.

Specific spare parts kits can be supplied as optional with the delivery of the machines. Besides, we ensure the shipping of the spare parts in a short time in any area.

Each machine has its function. This is the reason why we promote technical training courses (periodic or on request) to our customers and dealers.

We are by your side, fold after fold!
Super-technological products equipped with innovative systems that make your industrial laundry more flexible and efficient. We don’t stop at the sale: we offer you continuous assistance, initial and during-use training, comprehensive advice to provide you with all the useful information to enhance your laundry and complete customization of services.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for a personalized quote or advice.
We will be happy to be by your side!

Focus On: improve the quality of ironing

Industrial laundries have different needs.
Indemac is committed to understanding which solution to propose to its customers to satisfy concrete and pressing requests.

The goal is to offer machines that increase and improve the performance of laundries that use the Indemac brand. And to provide advice and coaching over time to share a path of growth and work optimization.

How can an industrial laundry be competitive on the market and always offer an impeccable service?

  • Maintain high quality of service as the main one of ironing.
  • Improve performance concerning processing times.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Choose the machinery that suits your needs but that allows you to support more important workflows immediately given future investments to increase production.

This is one of the possible scenarios, which we at Indemac know well because we have experienced it many times.
This is why we present the success story of a laundry customer of ours who was able to experience a positive change for their business starting from a specific need.

Improve ironing, improve industrial laundry turnover

A small entrepreneurial reality with an employee in the beautiful Liguria, in Vezzano Ligure, in the province of La Spezia.
A customer with whom we have a long acquaintance: the DEMI snc industrial laundry of Manna Emilio & Viti Deborah.
DEMI addresses its services to accommodation, catering and military organizations.
The need he expressed was to improve the quality of the ironing of the garments that were entrusted to the laundry and as a solution to meet this need he decided to purchase an Indemac product: the ILC ironer.

This product is the flagship of our technological research: feeding, ironing, folding and stacking large linen is not a problem for this machine that occupies only 18 square meters.

One of its characteristics is that the work cycle can be controlled by a single operator and is, therefore, the perfect solution for entrepreneurial realities that have little space available and have limited staff availability. But this does not mean that they want to give up on excellent quality service.

Furthermore, innovative and automated equipment can reduce operating costs and at the same time significantly increase productivity.

So it was for DEMI which, after the purchase of the ILC, experienced:

  • an increase in its performance,
  • a reduction in costs,
  • the improvement of production times.

Over just 2 years, production times have improved by 30% and this has had a positive cascade effect for the laundry as it has been able to increase the workload.
The result of this virtuous circle was a 10% increase in turnover in the first year of use of the Indemac machinery. Turnover doubled in the second year.


Our satisfaction goes hand in hand with that of our customers. Knowing that DEMI considers us a reliable partner and always ready to solve the problems makes us proud and always pushes us to improve. In the same way that our machinery do with the performance of our customers’ industrial laundries.

Do you want to understand how to improve the production of your industrial laundry?
Contact us for a free online consultation with our experts!

Advanced industrial line

Indemac is on your side to design and build an advanced industrial line

For over 10 years we have offered customized solutions for industrial laundries in Italy and abroad.

Regardless of the size of the space available, we design and manufacture customized systems, equipment and machines for washing, drying, ironing and folding for any industrial laundry, based on production needs.

A consulting period precedes the development of a tailor-made solution, to improve the results of industrial laundry in terms of production efficiency, to improve resource management and optimize consumption, to achieve greater profitability and minimize costs.

How industrial laundry works and how Indemac can meet your needs

Come funziona la lavanderia industriale e come Indemac può rispondere alle tue esigenze

Do you want to start an industrial laundry or want to improve the performance of an existing business? Ask for our advice to design or optimize the industrial plant!

In order to guarantee maximum safety and almost zero risks of contamination, the first thing to consider is the definition of the dirty laundry access points and the clean laundry exit ports, keeping them separated.

The sorting area for dirty linen

Dirty linen must be quantified and sorted by type in the appropriate “acceptance” department. Later, it can be sorted into subsequent washing, drying, ironing and folding departments.

The washing area

The laundry, already divided by type, is automatically weighed and fed into the washing machines.

The high spin washers, such as the “LA” series machine, reduce the residual humidity after the washing process thus resulting in significant savings in the subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

Industrial line

The clean area

The washed and dehydrated laundry, thanks to the spin cycle, is then introduced into the dryers.

The “ES” series dryer stands out in the market due to the energy-saving and management costs reduction.
It is equipped with a system of humidity sensors that, in addition to the standard features of these systems, also include control of the drum speed according to the degree of humidity, increasing the efficiency in the drying process. Also important in terms of energy efficiency is recirculation of the air, which reuses the air and improves its flow, combined with complete thermal insulation of the machine.

We then move on to the ironing lines, consisting of feeders, ironers and folders machines.

Do you expect a large daily bedsheet production?

The “IFE” series feeder facilitates and speeds up the manual operation of inserting the linen.
It can be used both for small items (pillowcases and napkins) and for medium items (table overlays and tablecloths) and finally for large items (bedsheets).

Then, the chest-type ironer is ideal for those laundries that need to iron large quantities of linen on an ironing line. It can be supplied with rollers of 1000 or 1200 mm diameter and the number of rolls can vary from 1 to 3.

A folding machine is positioned downstream of the ironing machine.

There are different types of bending machines based on:

  • the type of flat linen to be folded
  • the type of folds to be made
  • the preponderance of the type of flat linen to be treated.

Indemac offers a range of solutions to meet the different needs of industrial laundries.

Finally, a stacker is placed at the output of the folder, which stacks in an orderly manner a predetermined number of items.

Do you already follow this flow or do you think it can meet your needs? Contact us without obligation to request more information.

We are by your side at every step, to always improve

Each industrial plant is unique in its way, which is why one of our strengths is to offer our many years of experience in the sector in the design of systems and equipment that can meet the needs of your industrial laundry.

When the industrial laundry is inserted within a structure, whether it be hospitality, health or sports, the flow and quantities of processed laundry are easily identifiable. Standardized management can help optimize performance, ensuring high-quality standards at every stage of the process.

If the industrial laundry is independent, the quantity and type of incoming linen may vary based on the final customers and seasonal workload. When it is not possible to standardize the flow, it is necessary to differentiate the offer of machinery and services to ensure maximum flexibility and be able to manage unexpected events.

Siamo al tuo fianco

Thanks to our constant technological research, we have conceived, designed and produced a complete line of equipment that guarantees great high-quality workmanship: all machines have customizable functions and accessories and provide innovative technologies to facilitate and speed up work, thus improving the quality of life of workers and customers.

We work alongside industrial laundries, from the conception, design and construction of plants and machinery, to distribution and after-sales assistance. We offer initial training and we are on your side even during the use of the machinery, with comprehensive advice full of all the useful information to enhance your laundry and provide complete customization of services.

The ability to respond efficiently and with a commitment to customer needs is our first goal, always guided by flexibility and professionalism.

Discover all our solutions and contact us for further information and personalized advice.

Indemac in the world

When it comes to product quality, made in Italy is often mentioned all over the world as a yardstick.
This shared thought of guarantee and quality also applies to the industrial laundries sector, in which Indemac brand is a leader and innovator.

The great challenge, about our fast business growth, was to match the market needs without disregarding customer expectations.
Above all, it is how to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests of professionals throughout Italy and abroad – managers of industrial laundries, hotels, health facilities that manage the process of cleaning laundry items – who want to know and use our machinery.

An efficient and growing distribution network

With great satisfaction, we have obtained over time the attention and the customers’ esteem who have rewarded our commitment from the conception, design and production to the distribution of Indemac products around the world.

Our presence is rising strongly, in Italy and abroad. On the national territory, our distribution network covers every corner of the “bel paese”, while abroad there is a higher rate of expansion.

We are already operating in all the Continents with our distributors.

Indemac cancel out the distances with a widespread and punctual distribution network

Our vision for the future – so close, fortunately – is to cover any corner of the world and be near to those who would like to have one of our innovative, efficient and, performing machines for their industrial laundry.

It is not a dream but a reality we are working on with energy and enthusiasm: the number of our distributors confirms this perspective and adds drive and determination to go faster and faster.

Our ambitious goals for the quality of distribution services abroad are those that move our business in Italy, already at a very high level:

  1. provide clear, simple, useful information;
  2. show the experience of other laundry manager customers;
  3. deliver our products on time;
  4. ensure perfect transport and assembly;
  5. give certainty about the results;
  6. always be by the side of buyers;
  7. put our intense experience at the service of our customers.

If you want to know more about our expanding distribution network and are interested in our machinery, contact us without obligation.

All the potentiality of the ILC series: the machine that changes your life

What is the most important aspect of your business? The quality of the final result.

But also the quality of the time spent processing the linen is an element to consider, especially concerning the quantity of linen processed.

Few seconds are enough to make a difference!
The workplace, the machines and the operator’s working methods can positively or negatively affect the final result.

Indemac studies innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency of operators and improve the quality of work, ensuring excellent performance in compliance with standards.

Find out how only one machine can become the turning point of your business.

The leading result of our technological research is the “ILC” series.
Many features, a wide range of customization options and a wide range of accessories make it a machine that can transform the workflow within the industrial laundry by improving your working life.

  • Improve the quality of the result,
  • Optimize working times,
  • Reduces waste,
  • Avoid stops during processing.

Innovative and rich in features, in a space of only 18 sqm, feeds, dries, irons, folds and stacks linen, including large items, supervised by only one operator.

Discover all the features.


The vacuum feeding table consists of a set of perforated belts and two fans with the task of facilitating operators during the linen feed phase; through suction, the linen placed on the table remains stable considerably improving the feed quality and, as a consequence, the ironing result.
Thanks to the optional automatic feeder one only operator alone can feed very large linen items such as bedsheets. The dedicated clamps, suitably activated by the operator, can automatically place the linen item on the feed table.

To better meet customer needs and improve the service offered, we have focused our research on the optimization of compact and multifunction machines designed to work with linen with high residual wetness.

The ironing belts system ensures optimal ironing quality of the linen while protecting the fabrics from mechanical stress. The ironing speed is adjustable up to 18 m/min to adapt it to your work cycle.
It is also possible to have automatic control of the ironing speed as the ironing temperature changes, with automatic cooling of the ironing roll.

Our all-in-one-machine can work on one or two lanes and allows you to set up to 2 length folds and 3 cross folds, obtained by air jets.
This great versatility allows processing items of different sizes, from overlay tablecloths to tablecloths to bedsheets, guaranteeing an optimal result whatever the sector of reference.

Double pressing on length folds is highly recommended when linen with high specific weight or thickness such as blankets need to be folded. Two types of pressure can be set: low pressure for standard linen and high pressure for heavy linen.

The system is fully customizable and allows you to choose the side and direction of output of the stacker belt and the number of items to be stacked. The accessories for the ILC series include:
– the side stacker, that is used to stack folded and cross-folded items. Stacking takes place via a rotary blade that overturns the items creating stacks

– The compact side stacker in which the stacking of items takes place with a retractable pneumatic mechanism.

In addition to stacking, it is also possible to collect the laundry from the rear. The rear collection table is an accessory that allows the operator to easily collect the ironed items from the rear of the machine. The rear 2-line collector and the rear 4-line collector allows the collection of small items (napkins, pillowcases) from the rear of the machine. It consists of 2 operating lines that can work simultaneously.

Everything you are looking for in a single machine

Item as bed sheets, blankets and tablecloths of various sizes can be processed thanks to a single machine, improving the quality of your time and the result.

Do your main customers operate in the hospitality, healthcare, catering and wellness sectors?
Our ironers and folders offer speed, flexibility and high productivity on large, medium and small items. The linen will be handled with ease, precision and efficiency and processed with the utmost care and rationalization of processes.
Automated functions reduce management costs and increase productivity exponentially. Besides, a series of additional accessories always guarantee maximum efficiency, continuous assistance to avoid waste and damage and a high degree of customization.

Our compact and all-in-one machines are developed for companies that need innovative solutions in small dimensions with particular attention to energy saving.

If you think our machines can meet your needs, contact us.

Industrial laundry: hygiene and safety first

The disinfection of surfaces and systems were some of the main measures to be taken to deal with this emergency that affects us all. In particular, in the textile sector and industrial laundries, the sanitation of linen has become a necessity.

Especially in hotel laundries, nursing homes and hospitals, this aspect is essential to ensure that all linen is handled correctly and to help create a safe environment.

Does your laundry process linen for these sectors?
You could focus on enhancing some services you already offer and find a way to integrate this aspect. Find out how.

How to ensure optimal disinfection and washing processes

Within the workflows of industrial laundry, there are several factors and circumstances to be taken into consideration for the washing and disinfection processes to be completed successfully.

The first point to highlight is the high volumes of linen that must be processed by the laundries for the hospitality and hospital sectors, always guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene and efficiency.

The design of the machinery and its arrangement are essential to establish a good workflow.

To begin with, the dirty laundry access points and the clean laundry exit doors should be separated to ensure maximum safety and almost zero risks of contamination.

Also, the work area should be divided into three main areas:

  • the sorting area for dirty linen,
  • the washing area,
  • the cleaned area: which includes drying, ironing and folding.

Drying and ironing are not just the final results of the process. These processes give the final contribution to the disinfection cycle started with the washing process.

Finally, it is important to set up a workflow that keeps the number of times a single item is moved to a minimum.

How can Indemac support you to optimize work processes? Find out the result of our research.

The best Indemac solutions to guarantee efficiency and disinfection

How can we contribute to improving the processes of industrial laundries to ensure hygiene and safety so essential in this historical period?

The path we travelled with industrial laundry machinery was this: to develop and integrate the strengths in the products we already offer and to offer all our know-how to the sector to help our customers face today’s challenges.

We advocate the importance of good laundry practices to create a safe environment and offer a wide range of industrial laundry machinery and equipment, optimized to work with hospitals, clinics and all types of healthcare or hospitality facilities that meet standards and regulations stricter hygiene.

Our high-speed washing machine of the “LA” series has a load capacity ranging from 10 to 120 kg depending on the model chosen and thanks to the powerful spin cycle drastically reduces the residual moisture after the washing process and thus allows significant savings. in subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

Finally, do you know that for sanitization, one of the best industrial solutions is drying? High-temperature drying can kill viruses if used correctly.

Our dryer of the “ES” series stands out in the market for energy-saving and management costs reduction. Among the main factors to consider are:

  • the humidity sensor system which also includes the drum speed control, increasing the efficiency in the drying process,
  • the air recirculation, which reuses the air by improving the entire flow,
  • the complete thermal insulation of the machinery for better energy efficiency.

It is equipped with a programmable microprocessor with a display that shows the working temperature (and the programmed temperature), the remaining time, the need to clean the filters also allowing you to select the desired speed of rotation of the basket, the control of the statistics, the menu technical and alarms.

A product with a completely renewed aesthetic and technology that guarantees efficiency, practicality for the user and easy maintenance.

For a complete laundry?
There is the whole range of machinery that make up the industrial line and our ironing and folding machines that can also be used individually.

With the right machinery, you can offer the professional treatment of hospital linen, nursing homes and hospitality facilities that requires a reliable hygienic process.

Find the solution that best suits your needs and contact us for a consultation or a no-obligation quotation.

5 things to remember to get your laundry off the ground in times of crisis

The industrial laundries market, like other sectors, needs to react to the historical moment we are experiencing.
To be close to our customers and to those who appreciate our machinery, we have decided to freely share our experience and offer advice and tips about to rethink business strategies.
Some suggestions that were valid for us and that we want to share to give a real support in restarting your laundries in this “new normal”.

Even in this moment Indemac’s main focus is research.
Research to develop and optimize the efficiency of its machinery more and more, to provide innovative solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Italian territory and to the demands of the foreign market.

Tip No. 1 – Assess your customer needs

For Indemac, customers are not all the same.
It is not possible to consider customers in the same way and the offer must be differentiated according to their real needs.

For Indemac, customers are not all the same. Listening to the needs of our audience, we understood that it is not possible to consider everyone in the same way, but that we have to offer them services and products according to their real needs.

Compactness, multifunctionality, and speed are some of the characteristics of our machines that we have enhanced.
By analyzing the needs of customers, their workflow, we were able to provide solutions that have really improved the performance of their industrial laundries.

To give a better service ask yourself what is the main sector in which the customers of your laundry work: try to respond with an offer that is close to their needs. Are they mostly accommodation facilities or are they restaurants? Do they work in the wellness sector?
If you already have an accurate picture, you are well on your way to understanding how to improve your laundry business.

For our part, as in a virtuous circle, we have increased the innovative features of Indemac products to increase the performance of our customers as well.

Tip No. 2 – Ban the word “standard”

If the first thing to do is to know the needs of your customers, then you cannot be satisfied with offering a standard, anonymous, and consequently less considered service.
The keyword becomes “customization“.

Offer a designed innovative service to your customers, a value that will be more recognized and appreciated.
Don’t worry, there is no need to revolutionize the way your laundry works: it will be enough to understand where to improve the service from time to time. Consider your workflow and think about how to perform better.

We did that. We have increased the offer with compact all-in-one machines capable of performing more functions for the linen of different sizes.
Each machine can be adapted to optimize processing and respond to different needs. Above all, we have added various accessories that enhance this customization.

Tip No. 3 – Look ahead and think about the best for your laundry

A few seconds can make a difference. So we studied how to improve the use of time to reach significant goals and optimize the work of each industrial laundry, thanks to Indemac machinery.

Take into consideration all small improvements that can make a huge difference. Here are three aspects to consider that can positively or negatively affect the final result:

  1. machines;
  2. workplace;
  3. operator’s working methods.

All these aspects have to do with the quality of the service offered.

For example, working on easy-to-use machines was effective in saving time.
One of our best results in research is the automatic feeder. It facilitates the phase of introducing the linen allowing to one only operator to feed himself large items as bedsheets.

Tip No. 4 – What does the market ask for? Focus on sanitation

At this moment the linen sanitization is much in demand, so you could focus on the services you already offer and find a way to integrate this aspect.
We did the same and we developed in our industrial laundry machinery the points of strengths we already offer.

Did you know that one of the best industrial solutions for sanitization is drying? High-temperature drying seems to be able to kill viruses if used correctly.

You can also focus attention on sectors that ask for this service, such as healthcare, and expand your customer base.
You can offer the professional treatment needed by hospital and nursing home linen, which requires a reliable hygienic process, thanks to the right machinery.

Tip No. 5 – Don’t waste your money, invest in your laundry

Each emergency period offers its opportunities: you have to be open-minded and look further ahead than usual. The investment is not a loss, but a future gain.

Indemac has invested even more in research for highly customizable innovative machinery that responds to the fixed points required by the market:

  1. product quality;
  2. punctual deliveries;
  3. efficient maintenance service.

Similarly, smart-managed laundries can seize the opportunity to make prudent investments in automated and more sophisticated machines.

One last piece of advice is to be updated on initiatives that support entrepreneurs, such as government decrees to counter the economic effects for investment and to innovate activities.
There are periodical updates on this front and your accountant will also be an ally and can give you other good advice.

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Indemac gives a new boost to your industrial laundry!

The start of a new year always brings good intentions.
Do you have an industrial laundry and want to renew your working method? Have you noticed that the time has come to better respond to your customers’ needs? Do you want to improve the service you offer or increase the range of proposals to keep up with the changes required by the market?

Indemac is the partner for you. With its years of experience behind it, Indemac today offers high-quality services in the field of machinery for industrial laundries: from conception, design and construction, to distribution and after-sales assistance always guided by flexibility and professionalism.

Indemac for large industrial laundries: a cutting-edge line

Indemac’s Industrial Line meets all the needs of a medium-large industrial laundry which, in most cases, serves the catering and hotel industry sectors, to which are added the health and sports sectors.

The industrial one is a complete line of equipment that guarantees high-quality large-scale work: all the machines have customizable functions and provide innovative technologies to facilitate and speed up work, thus improving the quality of life for both workers and end customers. Yes, because Indemac products help you to do a better job, with an impeccable final result.

IFE, a feeder with vacuum table with easy introduction of linen; IFO, the industrial folder for medium and large items to be enriched with a series of optional accessories to customize the folding cycle; IM, the chest ironer created for large quantities of linen which, thanks to its technologies, is able to guarantee flexibility and productivity in ironing; FTI, towel-folder machine for terry items and FSI folder for small items.
All the machines in the industrial line are equipped with special technologies designed to give you maximum speed, precision and efficiency. For an impeccable result.

ILC, the compact Indemac product dedicated to medium-small industrial laundries

is the machine for industrial laundries that Indemac dedicates to those who want unique performances in “all-in-one” mode. Born from a long process of technological research, ILC is innovative and rich in equipment: in 18 square meters and with the management of a single operator, it allows you to insert, iron, fold and stack even large-sized linen.

The ergonomic feeding table facilitates the insertion of the laundry linen, the automated functions increase productivity by speeding up many operations and the touch-screen panel is intuitive and easy to use. What more do you want?

Not only sale: Indemac is by your side, fold by fold

Super-technological products equipped with innovative systems that make your industrial laundry more flexible and efficient. However, Indemac does not stop at sales: we offer you continuous service, initial training and during use, complete advice to provide you with all the useful information to enhance your laundry and complete customization of services.

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